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Art Studio in Hong Kong | Seaview Studio in Sheung Wan | Art Jamming

235studio is a complex art space located in Sheung Wan, covering studios, workshops, and event planning. Facing the Victoria Harbour, the environment is fresh. We believe that art is a return to our original sense of touch, so the studio has set up a relaxing holiday art experience class, using art to heal yourself and take a deep breath in the studio surrounded by sea breeze.


Mirror Flowers·Mirror Texture Painting

Use the mirror as a canvas to infuse the soul into the furniture you use every day. What kind of atmosphere do you want to be in when you look at yourself? Is it a romantic pink flower field or a gentle sea level?


Shuiyue·Shuitu Silk Scarf

Leave the mark of water on the silk scarf, seal the flowing colors, and capture the fleeting time. Playing games with water in midsummer, I have my own colors and take my own aesthetics to the streets!

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Certified tutor guidance •Art jamming

We invite you to pick up the pen in your hand, feel the friction between the pen tip and the canvas, and experience the hesitation of Nian Tou-yeh's brushstrokes!


Special Lesson

Booking anytime in our opening hours

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